The 4Cs

Crypto Currency

The Aloha Industries Group is blessed to have Kelei Taylor as our Founder and President. Through her success with Bitcoin she was able to expand and diversify into other premium alt coins and Block chain technology. We also have teamed up with Connect and Wavescore to create a centralized exchange for all cryptocurrencies and e-gift card transactions.

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Blockchain Technology

The Aloha Industries Group has partnered with Connect to provide our clients all of what is needed to understand and use the new age uses of Blockchain technology via ConnectBot: an intelligent learning software that guides users trade decisions. Bitcoin is now the 6th largest currency in the world and growing, and most people don’t have the ability to focus on the complex markets fully when attempting to trade. ConnectBot Pro combs internet search and social trends to gather the cues and signals that matter and comes up with a simple “Yes” or “No” plan for participation in the markets.

Green Energy

With change in this world and continued social development, new technologies often thrive in this type of environment.  We hold a substantial interest and involvement with Green Co. which has created a peer-to-peer energy exchange. This is breakthrough blockchain technology that lets users monetize their electricity. Green is the world’s first “Proof of Power” Blockchain that directly connects power, energy data, analytics, and usage to power the Blockchain. It provides a provable process in which energy from the traditional power grid or renewable sources can be inverted through the Proof of Power process then stored, transferred, and shared using Blockchain technology. Green Box takes power directly from the grid and converts it to data.

Coupled with cryptocurrency mining, we have found numerous applications for this technology.  Our passion for Environmental Awareness and Social Evolution keep us in line with all this industry has to offer. 

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