The 4Cs

The People of Hawai’i

Locally The Aloha Industries Group already has a huge presence and is an integral part of the native Hawaiian community, schools and businesses. This provides us access to vendors, services, pricing and locations only a native Hawaiian would possess. We understand that combining traditional practical methods and embracing advancement in technologies and concepts will perpetuate our people forward. We will include cultivating talent and experience from all age groups in Hawai’i to show and share what happens when passion meets education and business, preparing the next generations of Keiki to live and understand the professional world by the coaching of successful entrepreneurship.

Music & Art via the Cafe Noir Project

The Cafe Noir Project is the brain child of multi-talented Creative Artist and Entrepreneur, Shyan Selah. 

Café Noir highlights Shyan Selah’s unique soul vocal, edgy rhymes and global musical message of Community Empowerment through Music and Education. Partnered with and powered by The Aloha Industries Group, Shyan Selah’s Café Noir Project will feature an unprecedented live music event series at Starbucks stores, Goorin Bros Hat Shops, live music venues, colleges, and universities across the globe. Now embarking on its 6th year with Starbucks, this tour is designed to remain an exclusive community driven music experience that takes the consumer on a musical journey.

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