The 4Cs

Culture and Agriculture

The Aloha Industries Group and its members offer access to and prosperity from the land of Aloha.  The world acknowledges that Hawai’i is a Nation with culture and care that no other place on earth offers.  Anyone that visits leaves knowing that Hawai’i will always hold a special place in their heart. Many of our team are native to Hawai’i and as a result are able to contribute a level of resources and relationships unique to them.  Our work with the state and Nation of Hawai’i provide a complete access to all of what Hawai’i has to offer.  These connections are invaluable and speak to every one of our divisions and opportunities.  With Hawai’i being an international destination, our markets instantly expand around the Globe.

One of our initial projects will be the acquisition and use of land on the Islands of O’ahu, Hawai’i, Kaua’i, and Mau’i. There will be an initial 4 stages that will begin these ownership transfers:

  • Acquiring the land due to the native Hawaiian people.
  • Use of land already owned by partners and community of The Aloha Industries Group.
  • Use of funds from investors to purchase this land. 
  • Funds matched through local, state and federal government programs already available.   This will be done with a combination of grants, stipends, disaster funding and subsidies.

The Aloha Agriculture Group

The launch of The Aloha Agriculture Group will occur during the “seed” stage.  These include but are not limited to: hemp, awa, flour, vegetables, cannabis, kalo, coffee, and hibiscus.

The production of our hemp and dandelion crop will then be used to create “HempCrete” and “HybiscusCrete” used in the production of family housing and building structures.  This product will be used in our projects to build more self-sustainable communities locally and also as an export nationally.  This cost effective and biodegradable source will help to create more jobs and provide housing where it hasn’t been before.  It is mold proof, fire resistant, 70% lighter than concrete and 6 times stronger.

Continued development on this land will grow into hospitals, community centers, schools, office space, recreation, entertainment and industrial applications.  The potential is limitless and the use of the land can continue to expand as the opportunities arise.

Cannabis Culture Co.

Our network in this industry has created a substantial opportunity to participate in numerous areas of the cannabis business cycle.  From irrigation to farming to production, our partners already control significant businesses in these ventures.  It continues into distribution, retail, consulting, marketing and branding. New products, strategies and markets are all on the horizon.  Our model to create a franchise system in the dispensary area is also very timely in this space.  The Aloha Industries Group believes in the health, medical, and social advantages Cannabis brings to our World.

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